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The largest cruise ship in the world sets sail - and we are there!

For a long time, major secrecy surrounded "The Ultimate Abyss" slide on the largest cruise ship in the world, the "Harmony of the Seas", but now we can report on the assembly and completion of this extraordinary project. The "fall" into the "ultimate abyss" starts on deck 16 on a glass platform 47 metres above sea level and mats take you down the 30 m run to the sixth deck at a speed of four metres a second.

The two pink stainless steel tubes have a diameter of 80 cm and a length of 66 m. While you slide down, illumination (LED), audio and twister effects in the tube provide that extra thrill.

Like all ships in the Oasis class, the "Harmony of the Seas" is an architectural masterpiece. The 1.15 billion Euro ship is compared to a floating city. It has 16 decks and features 20 dining rooms, 23 swimming pools and a park, with over 10,000 plants and 50 trees to admire.

The assembly of the two slides took only 5 weeks, and was expertly completed by three Wiegand fitters. A very big thank you to the engineers, project managers, designers and the people at the workshop, whose dedicated and reliable team work turned this project into a success story.

A report on the customer’s visit to our premises customer and a film showing the production is also available on the Internet under the following link: www.cruisehive.com/engineering-ultimate-abyss-slide-harmony-of-the-seas/10752