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Super project in The Czech Republic completed

Dolni Morava is a small Czech village with a population of almost 300 at the foot of the Śnieżnik Mountains, which is very popular with tourists. Cycling and hiking trails prove attractive to visitors to Dolni Morava in the warm seasons, and in winter there are lifts and ski slopes.

In recent years, the tourist infrastructure has been continually expanded to meet the increasing demands of the ever-growing stream of visitors and since 2011, a Wiegand-Alpine Coaster has been operating there very successfully. In the year 2015 a spectacular Skywalk was added, offering a spectacular view of the Śnieżnik Mountains. There is also a huge water park for children and a military museum.

With the extremely positive growth in tourism and the high frequency of visitors to its facilities that goes with it, the operator of the Alpine Coaster Dolni Morava I has decided to build a second run, featuring some superlatives in terms of length and equipment.

The track is more than 4 km long and is one of the top 5 longest toboggan runs in the world. It goes almost 3000 m down the mountain. Six bridges, three roundabouts as well as a host of bends and jumps make this ride a real adventure trip. Three lifter systems have been incorporated to cope with the 362 m differences in height and there are over 100 sledges available for tobogganing fans. The distance control system ensures the utmost in technically feasible safety and the whole construction has the added feature of a garage system for the many toboggans.

View of the impressive system

In the foreground the chairlift and one of the three roundabouts, whose design has been adapted to that of the skywalk in the background.