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Start of the 2018/2019 training year

On August 1, 11 school leavers began their training at our company.

In addition to an electronics technician in operating technology, two industrial clerks, seven construction mechanics in equipment technology and one technical system planner in steel and metal construction technology are being trained.

Supported by their trainers and colleagues, they will acquire extensive knowledge, skills and abilities in their respective training areas and beyond over the coming years. For this purpose, each trainee will pass through several departments.

After successful completion of the vocational training, all trainees have an excellent chance of being taken on in permanent employment and getting opportunities for further qualification.

We currently have 30 young people in training: 21 construction mechanics (equipment technology), 2 electronics technicians in operating technology, 4 technical system planners (steel and metal construction technology) and 3 industrial clerks.

In addition to the trainees, two secondary school students are currently completing several months of practical training with us in the areas of "business and administration, with a focus on logistics" and "technology with a focus on information technology".

If you are interested in training with us, you can now apply for the 2019/2020 training year.

Welcome to the team!