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Second trainee project successfully completed

The pupils of the local Hrabanus school have been asking for a playground equipment for their schoolyard for a long time. All the better is the news that they have been able to make their breaks more active for some days now. In cooperation with our company, a 6-metre high slide tower with slide, climbing wall as well as climbing pole was designed. The tower was inaugurated on 2 October in the presence of the numerous children, the school management, the mayor of the municipality of Rasdorf, the management, the trainees as well as the training managers of our company.

A part of the financing of the slide tower came from a collection of donations from the pupils. Our company acted as the main sponsor, other donors such as the municipality of Rasdorf, the AOK Hessen (public health insurance) as well as local companies and associations also supported the project.

After our trainees had already successfully mastered the project "Refuge for the Rasdorf playground" last year in complete personal contribution, the slide tower was the new challenge.

The technical system planners in training took over the constructive planning in cooperation with the industrial clerks, who were responsible for the purchase of materials and of course always kept an eye on the finances of the whole project. The practical part was done by the construction mechanics, who prepared the parts for assembly and finally carried it out in the schoolyard. The building project represents the annual project of the training. It is intended to enable the trainees to apply the skills they have learned independently and to take on personal responsibility in a joint project, which they have once again succeeded in doing very well.


Planned, built and assembled by our trainees

Presentation of a self-designed thank-you gift