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Premiere of the Wiegand Alpine Coaster in Ukraine

Bukovel in the Eastern Carpathians - approx. 50 km from the Romanian and 100 km from the borders of Hungary, Slovakia and Poland - is the largest ski and mountain resort in Ukraine with 68 kilometers of slopes and more than 20 lifts. It stretches over several mountains around the city Poljanyzja. The highest peak is the 1,372 m high Mount Dowha. Besides the numerous skiing slopes, there is also a lot to do here: you can take a spin on the ice rink, go dog-sledding or take a snowmobile tour in Bukovel. The “Bike Zip” is an unusual experience: sitting – safely secured - on a bike you zip down a 560 m long rope over Lake Molodosti, where you can also practice numerous water sports such as water skiing or waterboarding.

Despite the wide range of offers, the long list of actives is of course not complete without the Wiegand-Alpine Coaster. Installation of the really extraordinary version began in September 2019:

Right at the beginning the guests glide over 600 m through a forest between two ski lifts on the edge of a long skiing slope before the Wiegand Lifter pulls them to the mountain station 172m higher. Once at the top, there is a fantastic view over the village and the surrounding mountains. But the riders don't have much time to enjoy this view because now it's off to the second coaster part: a 1,435 m long downhill route which is filled with numerous highlights.

A vast number of hairpin curves, zig zag maneuvers and even more jumps take the guests about 700 m through the forest before they reach the first approx. 100m long and almost 14m high double downwards helix which follows a 30m long bridge part. The next helix is waiting for you after a short recovery phase in which the coaster rides zip through another curve and an arch.

However, if you think that you have braved the most spectacular part by now, you're wrong, because only a moment later you cross a 10 m long bridge into the second double downward helix which really brings the action back into the tour. And this time the height is a novelty: a pylon of no less than 18m was installed here - a height record in the Wiegand Alpine Coaster history. This will surely create some reactions of vertigo for some riders. An unexpected thrill.

Finally, three more high speed turns await riders before entering the station past the storage roundabout. Not only the spectacular course of the track and the extremely high double downward helix make this installation so extraordinary. As a special solution to optimize operations Wiegand has installed not one but two garage systems for the 72 sleds: one at the top of the mountain and the other at the bottom station.

In addition to the many highlights of the coaster track, assuring a thrilling fun ride for guests, safety is always priority: the new Wiegand-Automatic Distance Control System ensures the greatest possible comfort.