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Opening of the Schneisenfeger in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria

13 June saw the opening of the Schneisenfeger Alpine Coaster at the new Erlebnispark Hög amusement park, which focuses on alpine farming and forestry.

Numerous play areas such as a wooden bowling alley, "the old stables" and the cow-pat trampoline provide ample entertainment around Lake Hög.

A shallow area of water has been created especially for the youngest visitors. Water lovers can cross the expanse swimming, rowing or pedalling, as well as on a raft.

The entrance to the Schneisenfeger is located in an old saw mill. From there, visitors are firstly drawn over 700 metres uphill to the top of the mountain. On the journey they can learn exciting details on the subject of the timber industry. Arriving at the top, the next stage is a 1.6 km course down to the new Erlebnispark Hög amusement park, at speeds of up to 40 kmh. En route there are numerous thrilling jumps, two spectacular 360°rotations (to the left and to the right), ten 180° turns - all at heights of up to 8 metres above the ground.

In keeping with the timber industry theme, the 70 toboggans were produced to a special design. The storage area in which the toboggans are kept takes the form of a sawdust bunker.