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More systems built at top locations in Iran

Almost a year ago, the purchase agreements for the Tochal and Qom systems were signed and the assembly of both systems was finally completed in February.

The approximately 1180 m long system in Tochal, complete with numerous curves, waves, jumps, the Wiegand lifter to get riders and 53 bobs uphill, and a large circular conveyor was approved by the TÜV in mid-February.

In Qom, due to the low height differences in the terrain, the decision was made to go for a double track, with each track approximately 350 m in length with differing line layouts and the bobs and riders being transported uphill on two separate lifter systems. There are also 32 different coloured bobs that add a lot of colour to the whole thing.

Bird eye view of the system in Qom

Circular conveyor and uplift system in Tochal