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Maximus' flash run at Toverland, Netherlands

After 10 years of operation the bobsleigh at the Toverland amusement park was showing the first signs of aging and it was time for extensive modernisation.

One rotary section was removed to make room for gastronomy, otherwise the course remained unchanged. The new overall length now measures 525 m (previously 585 m).

The basis for the renovation was the focus on the track and runners.

Around 1900 the Tyrolean inventor Maximus Müller invented a "lightning energy machine", which powers the new course.

The exhibition area at the beginning of the course provides a tour of the house of the inventor, in which the "lightning energy machine" is also installed. In addition, the sleighs are also designed in the vehicle style of the 19th century – achieved with the aid of an airbrush.

The rear of the sleighs has also been equipped with two "jet engines". These engines contain two loudspeakers, which play stirring music to the passengers during the journey, further enhancing the ride experience.

In the outdoor area of the Magic Forest the course is also covered in with a solid Tyrolean timber structure. This means that passengers can still race down the course at 40 km/h even when it is raining.

Safety has also been further enhanced. There are new PLC-based controls with automatic distance control and new control and operating interface.

The revamped course was reopened on 23 April, to the delight of the first guests to use it.