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Joint project of our trainees

At the end of last year, the Rasdorf municipality asked for support in the implementation of the following project: The children’s playground, which is very popular because of its diversity and cleanliness, was to be pepped up with a weather-protection pavilion, open on two or three sides with enough room inside for approximately three marquee benches and tables. The “Mikado” theme of the playground was to be reflected in the design of the object.

No sooner said than done. It quickly became clear that this project could become a joint project for all of our current trainees. Each of the three trainee system planners collected together their ideas and produced draughts, which were then presented to the mayor in December. Following positive feedback, the fine planning began. In addition to project sketches, 3D plans, etc., the types and amounts of the different materials needed for each of the three proposals were determined – which is where our commercial trainees came in, taking on this task.

Once all the data was collected, the trainees put together comprehensive project specifications for each draught. The big moment arrived at the end of January: The trainees presented their three proposals together to the municipal council.

After the winning project, “Pavillon Diamant” was chosen, the practical implementation of the project began. The aim was to advance the project, facing a set-back or two along the way, in order to learn from this and plan the next step correctly.

Production of the individual components of the pavilion by our construction mechanics began in mid-March in our workshop. The individual components were galvanised after manufacture and were also given a coat of paint.

Assembly of the unit at the playground began on 20 May. Supported by a specialist, the trainees assembled the greater part of the weather-protection pavilion themselves. Just as most of the work had been undertaken by the system planners and commercial trainees in the previous steps, it was now our construction mechanics that were under pressure.

The correct distribution of duties and the independent communication between those involved as well as with suppliers or other involved parties were also important in the course of the project.

On 22 June, the new “Pavillon Diamant” was unveiled by Mayor Jürgen Hahn at the Rasdorf playground in the context of a ceremony together with a delegation of our trainees.


Dear trainees, you have learned in the context of the project implementation that not everything goes well 100% of the time and that a wealth of ideas, good communication, conflict skills, perseverance and team spirit are essential to successfully arriving together at your goal.

You have shown what you have in you – and we’re proud of you!