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"Get the whole family down that slide"

is how the Wildkogel Arena in Neukirchen, Austria, advertises its latest attraction, the Panorama Slide, which turns a hike for young and old alike into an amazing experience.

Ten different types of stainless steel slides await the hikers. For example, the 22 m long "Sepp", a tube curve slide, which in its freefall section will cause many to let out a scream of surprise. "Heidi", "Liesl" and "Thresl" are tube-channel-curved-slides with different gradients ranging in length from 29 to 36 m. On the "Max and Moritz" box slide with waves, two people can slide and race side by side, and on the "Hänsel und Gretel" as well. Another highlight and not just for the eyes are "Sissi and Franz", designed here as Y-tube slides. "Hias", at 53 m the longest slide in the group, is designed as a tubular curved slide with a Makrolon cover, providing a wonderful panoramic view.

Steep terrain, a lack of access roads and large components made the installation a major challenge in some places, with the result that a walking excavator was deployed and one slide even had to be flown in by helicopter.