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Further spectacular project in the US

The Aventura Mall in the north of Miami is one of the most coveted shopping malls in the US and, with a size of 250,000 m², the third largest in the country. The three levels are occupied by over 300 traders, including leading designers from throughout the world. In addition, there is also a food court with 18 fast-food restaurants and further establishments in the entrance area in which to stock up on energy prior to shopping or replenish reserves afterwards. The well-known artist Carsten Hoeller has “struck” again, commissioning us with the realisation of a new work of art that is to act as an eye-catcher in the entrance area of the mall. The square in front of the mall extension currently under construction is set to house a similar structure to the one we have already created at designer furniture manufacturer Vitra.

To keep things exciting, this time there is an additional challenge - a spiral staircase at an angle of 15°, covering a 17 m difference in height, in keeping with the motto “Anyone can do normal, we make the impossible possible”. Also at a height of 17 m are the starts of the two 43-m-long stainless steel slides with polycarbonate covering.

Naturally, we are delighted to have the opportunity to present our out-of-the-ordinary products in this special metropolis - and to introduce them to throngs of international visitors.