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First Wiegand dry slide in an Asian mall

The E-DA world in Kaohsiung/Taiwan is a 90-hectare site featuring a shopping, hotel and leisure complex and with an area of ​​58,000 m², it is one of the largest shopping centres in Asia. The leisure park boasts approximately 50 attractions and also includes the highest Ferris wheel in Taiwan.

One of the most spectacular attractions in the E-Da World shopping mall is without doubt the new 38-metre long slide, inviting customers to “slide” from a height of approx. 16 m down to the lower floor. The transparent polycarbonate cover allows guests a quick view of some of the host of shops on the various floors. But don’t take too much shopping with you or you will have problems getting through the tube diameter of 800 mm if you are too laden down.

The slide in the E-Da Mall is the first project of this kind for us in a mall in Asia. We were supported throughout the project by our local representative, NanE, with whom we have already built a few slides in Taiwan. We believe that the slide in the E-Da Mall is a very good reference for further such projects in Asia and will also help us to enhance the image of the company NanE as our local contact.

A highlight in the E-Da Mall