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First Mystical Hex opened in the US

As if threaded on a string of pearls, Pigeon Forge has a host of leisure facilities run by various operators as well as five Alpine Coasters from our company. The large number of tourist attractions may come as a surprise, but with over 4 million visitors per year, there are a lot of people to cater for.

August saw the addition of the Mystical Hex "Rowdy Bear" - unique in the USA to date. Since 2017, its owner has been operating the Alpine Coaster Gatlinburg-Medlin, one of the five systems mentioned above, and has also commissioned us to build a CoasterKart directly under the Mystical Hex.

The Mystical Hex features 6 twin-seater carts. The 433 m section consists of 4 lift sections and 5 downhill sections on which speeds of up to 7 m/h can be reached.

The work was not easy at times: if it rained, the whole construction site became very muddy and if it was dry and sunny, the temperatures often rose to levels that it was unpleasant to work in. After a construction period of five months, the Mystical Hex was successfully tested by TÜV in the Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park in Pigeon Forge in mid-August and approved for public operation.

Some impressions from the construction site