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First Mystical Hex opened in Israel

At 2224 m, Mount Hermon is the northernmost and the highest point in Israel. The mountain range around the Golan Heights, from which you can look deep into Syrian territory and Lebanon, is also currently again the scene of military activity, which has occasionally been putting our fitters on high alert during their stay on site. Despite the sometimes tense political situation, a small winter sports area - the only one in Israel – was established around the Israeli settlement of Newe Ativ on the Golan years ago. The regular snowfall guarantees the Hermon Ski Resort a relatively high certainty of snow between 1600 and 2040 m altitude. The area is also popular with tourists in summer with numerous hiking trails leading into the mountains. Mountain biking is also very popular and a special bike park has been built.

With the Mystical Hex, built in February this year, the operator offers visitors a further highlight in addition to the Alpine Coaster, which opened in 2003. The system extends over a length of 330 m and is equipped with the Twin Seater.

At the same time, the Alpine Coaster was converted to the distance control system, for which additional staff were “flown in”.

At the end of June, the Mystical Hex was successfully approved by the Israeli testing authority and released for operation. Now the system is teeming with day-trippers all out to enjoy the "hellish ride".