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Conversion and extension of the Alpine Coaster Vinpearl

Since 2012, the 1200 m long Alpine Coaster has been a magnet in the Vietnamese amusement park Vinpearl, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

In the course of extensive park extensions - for example, the parking area has been enlarged by filling earth towards the sea and fortifying it - the operator decided to transfer the bottom station of the existing cable car to the newly reclaimed land. This resulted in a change of approx. 530 m in the original route and the reconstruction of the lift.

But that's not all. A second system next to it had to be built. People will soon be able to go down the mountain on 55 sledges. Equipped with a seatbelt buckle lock and the driver assistance system "Distance control", this system also meets the highest demands in terms of safety and comfort. The new lift system has a length of 633 m and runs parallel to the first track. The unused sledges of both tracks are stored in the garage system. This large-scale system is scheduled to open at the end of April/beginning of May.