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Completion of Thailand's first Alpine Coaster

The end of January saw work begin on the assembly of the approximately 600 metre long Alpine Coaster in Chiang Mai, which, with around 140,000 inhabitants, is the largest and most culturally-significant city in northern Thailand.

Assembly progressed very well, at temperatures of around 30°C and under clear blue skies. The customer reliably provided personnel to assist in the process, with the consequence that assembly progressed at a rapid pace. The fact that the construction machinery available functioned more or less reliably and the unusual equipment provided - such as bamboo scaffolding - failed to slow the pace of completion, with the result that the Alpine Coaster could enter operation punctually on 18 March, the date ceremonially determined by a monk as being the most favourable.

Arrival of the first components on the construction site

During assembly

Ready - Steady - Go!