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“Chiemgau-Coaster” opens in Ruhpolding

Ruhpolding is a town in the Bavarian Alps, famed for its winter sports. Its biathlon performance centre and various other facilities such as ski jumping hills make it a training base for many world-class athletes from around the world.

However, in summer, too, the town offers numerous options for active pastimes - and not just for competitive athletes. Alongside the Bergwalderlebniszentrum adventure centre, the Vita Alpina amusement and wellness baths, a tennis centre, an archery facility and numerous golf courses, the town now boasts a further attraction:

- the Chiemgau-Coaster, officially opened on 15 June 2018 by Olympic toboggan champion Tobias Arlt with a descent and a church blessing in the scope of a ceremony.

The course has a total length of 1,100 m, with a 330 m uphill section first taking the passengers up approximately 78 metres before two circle spins, seven steep curves, jumps and numerous waves as well as five bridges ensure 100 % enjoyment during the ride.

And there is more. In the near future speed measuring systems will be introduced on three sections of the track, so that speeding passengers can enjoy the thrill of speed to the full after the test phase - and measure how fast they are travelling. Centrifugal force brakes on the toboggan make sure that the maximum permissible speed of 40 km/h is not exceeded. However, this does not release the passengers from their duty to be cautious and take care during the descent – the brake levers on both sides enable active participation in the experience, reducing speed by pulling the level gas and increasing it by pushing it forward. Before entering the station at the end of the track the magnetic brake is applied, slowing the toboggan to walking pace with the aid of eddy current technology, enabling safe entry to the station.

Where necessary, weather-proof hoods can be mounted to guarantee continued tobogganing enjoyment in rain and snow.

Next to the track stands a rustic cabin with beer garden for refreshments. According to Managing Director Andreas Hallweger, further investments are also planned. These are to include a play area.

Further information at www.chiemgau-coaster.de

Our employee Kai Köberich makes his speech

Olympic toboggan champion Tobias Arlt with the official opening descent