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Carsten Höller‘s giant slides return to London ...,

this time to Hayward Gallery, recently reported in the British press.
Already in 2006, we equipped the London Tate Modern Gallery together with the German artist Carsten Hoeller with six exceptional slides - the beginning of a remarkable success story, because with this project, we have made us a reference for many other jobs around the globe.

The Hayward Gallery is part of the Southbank Centre - an area in central London with significant cultural venues on the South Bank of the Thames, where three or four major exhibitions take place every year.
From June to September two large spiral chutes are part of the exhibition.

The two identical slides have a length of 39 m and meander from 15.50 m height along the outside wall of the Gallery.
After their tour of the exhibition, visitors can decide for themselves which way they want to leave the exhibition: Via the "classic" exit or through one of the two tube slides.