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Another major project completed in Indonesia

Makassar is the capital of the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi and lies on the southwestern coast of the island of Sulawesi. A total of 2.75 million people live in this conurbation. Makassar is the commercial centre of Sulawesi, which has experienced above-average economic growth since the beginning of the new millennium.

The Nipah Mall, which was opened in November 2018, is Makassar's largest shopping centre with a surface area of 3.5 hectares. It features 5 floors with a host of shops and a basement, which is rented to well-known companies including Cinema XXI, Fun World and Uniqlo. There is also the ten-storey office building, which is directly connected to the shopping centre. The Nipah Mall sees itself as a centre for the whole family.

Among other attractions for the whole family, a large 31-m long Wiegand stainless steel spiral pipe slide was erected in the mall in early summer and meanders over two floors into the ground floor. Guests of all ages start their slide down from the second floor at a height of 10.5 metres. A time-controlled traffic light system ensures that the visitors keep to the starting intervals in order to allow everyone a relaxed slide.

The start and end areas are covered with transparent polycarbonate so that some light falls into these sections of the slide.

As in numerous other shopping malls around the globe, this slide has become an attractive focus for guests of all ages.