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Alpine Coaster Wuyuezhai

On the eastern slope of the Taihang Mountains, approximately 200 km south-west of Beijing, the 23rd Chinese Alpine Coaster has been erected in the Wuyuezhai National Park. Hundreds of waterfalls are scattered throughout the landscape, with hikers and fitness fans enjoying the numerous walking and climbing routes across high mountains and dense forests.

As with the Alpine Coaster in the Huashan Mountains, the extremely rocky and narrow site proved a particular challenge to the construction crew.

A Wiegand fitter was on site, joining with Chinese assistants to erect the 573-m-long structure, which covered a difference of elevation of 75 m.

Right after the start comes the first roundabout, the sheer height of which is already enough to make the pulse race, before the course heads through numerous arcs, bends and straight sections on its way to the terminus.

The cars are transported uphill via a transport lift constructed by the Chinese. The tobogganists typically walk in from the top, using the Alpine Coaster primarily as a fun way to descend to the bottom.

Those wishing to ride again must take the walking path and walk back to the foot of the starting point on the mountain.