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All good things are worth waiting for

Our trip to Iran late last year has really paid off, in addition to the contract for the construction of the Alpine Coasters Qom we have another job in our pocket:

After long efforts, which have continued for nearly 10 years, the contract for the construction of the Alpine Coasters Tochal is now also available.

Tochal with its numerous lifts is the premier ski resort of Iran at the foot of the 3964 m high mountain with the same name, with direct views of the capital Tehran.
But not only in winter Tochal is a popular recreation destination, even in summer it attracts the metropolitans out into nature, which is crossed by many trails.

The assembly of the Alpine Coaster is scheduled for May. It will have a length of 1180 m.
A month earlier the construction of the double track in Qom starts. This facility will have a total length of about 690 m and be equipped with 2 circles and 2 lifter systems.

After the completion of these two systems the number of Wiegand Alpine Coaster in Iran will increase to six, in our opinion the chances of further contracts are rather well, because of the possible opening of Iran to the West
and the committed participation of our representative, Mr Ghorbani.