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A world first at Huà Shān

Huà Shān is one of China’s five sacred mountains. The massif is famous for its steep, picturesque cliffs and its dangerous walkways to the summit. Along the path there are monasteries, pagodas, temples and bridges and three cable cars take those tourists not feeling too athletic (a total of 12,000 steps climb up different paths) up to the five peaks of Huà Shān.

In June/July, another attraction, the almost 600m long Alpine Coaster, was set up by us in a side valley at the foot of the Holy Mountain. One special feature of the system is its extremely narrow line with the mountains rising steeply to the sky on either side of the track.

Despite the difficult conditions posed by the terrain, we still managed to plan a unique system:

Two gyroscopes wind like a snake around the uphill track - this construction is new and is a world first. The Alpine Coaster also features 35 toboggans and the driving assistance system "eddy current brake".