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A new attraction in the Grandvalira ski area

Anyone who thinks there is only room for one Alpine Coaster in the small Principality of Andorra in the Pyrenees between France and Spain has another think coming. Andorra is known not only as a tax haven, but also for the excellent winter sports it offers. After we built the longest Alpine Coaster in the world (3500 m) in 2007 in the Naturlandia leisure park, there is now a second system in Grandvalira a few mountains further on. Autumn of last year saw the start of the installation of the 555 m long run, which has a roundabout and two bridges. The uphill track is 190 m long, the difference in height to be overcome is 64 m and a cruise control ensures safety.

At the beginning of this year, the finish was completed with the result that the installation was tested by the TÜV in mid-January and will officially go into operation on February 16, 2019.