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The Wiegand company is a medium-sized family company located in the Hessian village of Rasdorf.

Since the company was founded in 1963, Josef Wiegand followed the motto "Ski and toboggan well" with heart and soul. He invested the proceeds of the first ski lift into other skilifts, which he often built painstakingly with local people from the area.

But he also suffered setbacks; winters with no snow resulted in big sales slumps. And this is where he showed his strength and his skills to make far-sighted and courageous entrepreneurial decisions.

From the existential crisis of the company, came the innovative idea to develop a summer use of the lifts. This was the birth of the summer toboggan run.

After several attempts on a test track, the first summer toboggan run was built on the Wasserkuppe in the Rhön Mountains in 1975, albeit in a very primitive form. Back then, toboggan guests carried their sleds on their knee on the way up the mountain- an unusual solution from today's perspective. 1977 saw the first run sold in Switzerland to Lake Zurich. This was the step into production and the sale of summer toboggan tracks.

By applying for a patent for the summer toboggan run in the 1970s, Josef Wiegand was setting a far-sighted and solid base for the success of his business career.

More creative ideas and innovations followed and significantly influenced the company's successful balance sheet.

Josef Wiegand invested a lot of time and energy in missions beyond the country's borders, to showcase his summer toboggan run and interest potential buyers. His many business contacts gave rise to friendships, and today, the diverse relationships of the Wiegand company are clearly marked by social responsibility.

In his over 50 years of entrepreneurship, Josef Wiegand first of all created the Josef Wiegand skilift company from the one-man business of a commercial agent.

This was followed by the Josef Wiegand GmbH and other companies. With its construction of summer toboggan runs, the company became the world market leader and acquired worldwide prestige.

Nowadays, the former Josef Wiegand skilift operation has become a network of 10 companies. Alongside our summer toboggan runs, other products such as water slides have established themselves on the market: these and other attractions from the wet area are sold exclusively by our partner, wiegand.waterrides gmbh.

Worldwide, the number of employees in our group of companies has grown in recent years to over 450, with the majority working in production. The Wiegand company itself looks after the installation of the equipment, with over 40 technicians ensuring that Wiegand summer toboggan runs and dry slides and water slides are correctly fitted throughout the world.

To be well prepared in the future for upcoming tasks, the company trains its own staff and the company Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co. KG currently employs nearly 30 trainees in administration and in the commercial sector.

Together with his son Hendrik, Josef Wiegand ran the company until the beginning of 2014. He died after a short illness on the 13th of February 2014 aged 80.

His death is a huge loss.

We will always remember him as a great man and an exemplary entrepreneur.

Short and concise:

Worldwide there are

  •     over 450 large systems and thousands of children's slides and water slides
  •     subsidiaries or offices of the group of companies in 16 countries
  •     Wiegand products in 45 countries
  •     over 450 people employed in the Wiegand group of companies
Hendrik Wiegand
Josef Wiegand