Bobkart Circuits

THE highlight for family amusement parks

Bobkart – THE HIGHLIGHT for family amusement parks

The Bobkart toboggans are electrically driven and the riders can control their speed up to a maximum of 40 km/h. Zooming through the steep turns on the track is fun for all age.

Further benefits:

  • intertwined track layouts and uphill and down
  • with bridges and underpasses
  • powered by three-phase motor (delivering up to 6kW / 9 HP)
  • one operator can control the whole circuit

Maximum safety TÜV-tested with:

  • automatic distance control (prevents rear-end collisions)
  • toboggans that won't tip over and fitted with back rest and neck support
  • short braking distance
  • automatic speed reduction in the station area
  • the operator can select the maximum speed in stages up to 40 km/h
  • basic speed prevents stopping along the track

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