Alpine Coaster

The ultimate thrill - including wet operation guarantee

Our all-weather summer toboggan run "Alpine Coaster“

Alpine Coaster on rails offers fun all year round. This type of toboggan run has proved outstanding in ski areas in Europe, Asia and America, where it greatly enhances the offer for guests not only in summer but also in winter. Whether as a single unit or complementary offer in winter sports regions, the Alpine coaster's all-weather capability guarantees its operator year-round revenue.

As in the classic flume toboggan, here too the rider controls his speed and driving style.

The special features of this type of bob include the scope for individual design, with the special and centrifugal designs as well as bridgework up to 6 m high.

A capacity of approx. 500 pph and low staff and maintenance costs mean the owner can operate his system and make a profit.

For an Alpine Coaster approx. 500 m long, the terrain should have a difference in elevation of approx. 40 to 50 m and a surface area of approx. 20,000 m² (200 x 100 m). 1000m of rail length requires a difference in elevation of 80 to 100 m and approx. 30,000 m² (300 x 100 m) surface area.

The best way to get bobs and riders up the mountain is via the fully automatic Wiegand lifter system, the economic solution.

Other options are:

  • Using existing chairlifts
  • with the toboggans being hooked automatically onto the lift seats or
  • using an additional automatic toboggan transport system
  • Using existing ski-lifts

Safety First!

Our Alpine Coaster meets the highest safety and technical standards, is built in accordance with ISO 19202-1-2 resp. DIN ISO 19202-1-2 (replace DIN 33960) and is TÜV-technically approved.

Alongside various safety devices like the compulsory brake band and the selective brake, which have proved successful for years on our runs, there are further developments that considerably enhance rider safety:

  • Driver's assistance system "Distance control" (PDF)
  • Limiting brake "Wie cruise brake“ (More...)

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