Alpine Coaster



Firmly held on maintenance-free stainless steel tubular rails our COASTERBOBS run smoothly and silently down the mountain. The vehicles are designed to carry two visitors in comfort but can be handled easily by one alone. The riders are in control of the velocity and this gives them a unique hands-on experience, encouraging repeat visits. The supporting structure sits directly on the ground without foundations and is held firmly in position with steel pegs.

The ride is exciting and varied, sometimes in "airy heights", as the track can be built between 1 m and 6 m above the ground. Jumps and waves built into the track escalate the thrills still further. Rain and snow present no problem - the excellent braking effect is unchanged. We can also provide roofs if requested.

In the valley the guests relax on their comfortable COASTERBOBS and enjoy the uphill ride with the WIEGAND-LIFTER [see UPLIFT SYSTEMS]. An existing skilift can also be used instead of the Lifter. If the passengers travel on a chairlift the COASTERBOBS, due to their weight, should be transported by a Wiegand automatic cableway. In suitable cases a system for attaching the vehicles to the chairs can be devised.

The Advantages:

  • The wide track on two tubular rails guarantees optimal stability in the curves, no tipping over, smooth guidance and a comfortable, safe feeling for the riders
  • We design the ALPINE COASTER according to your ideas and the topography of your site using our know-how gained on over 300 existing installations [the design costs are included in the price]
  • Minimal earthworks, no foundations required
  • Bridgework up to 6 m and higher to cross roads and negotiate steep slopes
  • Maintenance-free stainless steel tubular track [Carrying, braking and safety tubes]
  • Top soil remains undisturbed
  • Top speed can be set with centrifugal brakes [up to 40 km/h]
  • Can operate in winter
  • Temporary removal from ski pistes is possible
  • Brake and headlights fitted on request
  • Various garaging systems for the COASTERBOBS
  • Verified design calculations available
  • Built corresponding to  DIN 33960-1

Greatest possible safety:

  • derailments excluded by track guides
  • energy absorbent front and rear buffers
  • brake levers on both sides
  • safety belts
  • compulsory brake band at the end of the track